Proxifier v4 for Windows Changelog

Version 4.12
  • Network driver updated to meet the latest Microsoft requirements
  • Driver installation problem on ARM platform fixed
  • Improved error reporting
  • Minor network and UI improvements
Version 4.11
  • Proxifier can now log and block UDP connections
  • Added a master option that controls other settings responsible for IP address leak prevention (Profile->Advanced->DNS and IP Leak Prevention Mode)
  • Added an option to block non A/AAAA DNS queries (Profile->Advanced->Block Non A/AAAA Queries if DNS through Proxy)
  • Adjustable log window font size
  • Log window rendering issues
  • Multiple minor fixes and improvements in Proxifier, ProxyChecker and ServiceManager
Version 4.07
  • Windows on ARM support
  • Service Mode minor optimizations
  • Installation in unattended mode (e.g., SCCM) fixed
  • Portable version may crash other apps on exit
  • Windows high contrast mode support
Version 4.05
  • Silent installation and uninstallation fixed
  • "Cannot connect to placeholder (fake) IP address" error fixed
  • Improved logic of rules processing when "DNS over Proxy" is enabled
  • IPv4 preferred to IPv6 for the localhost connections
  • Customizable subnet for fake IP addresses
  • Improved handling of errors related to profile loading
  • Documentation updated and linked in UI
  • Log window auto scroll fixed
  • Improved trial and license registration experience
  • Minor UI optimizations and improvements
Version 4.03
  • "Cannot connect to placeholder (fake) IP address" error fixed for IPv4-mapped IPv6 connections
  • Crash when working with multiple manual rules (created from right-click context menu)
  • In some scenarios, system connections may not work properly when name resolution over proxy is enabled
  • Various minor improvements
Version 4.01
  • Release version
  • Install/uninstall logic improved
  • Drag and drop of profile files (*.ppx)
  • Load balancing chain can now use the same proxy for the same process
Version 4.01 Beta 3
  • Proxifier can now run as a native Windows Service
  • Proxifier Service Manager tool (ServiceManager.exe) introduced
  • Proxifier Portable Edition is now available
  • All binaries have been compiled in release mode
  • BSOD caused by some specific non-DNS traffic on UDP port 53
  • Profile auto update fixed
  • Log performance improved
  • Minor UI tweaks and optimizations
Version 4.01 Beta 2
  • Cannot connect to placeholder (fake) IP address error fixed
  • Crash on Proxifier exit
  • Verbose button added to connection list window
  • Correct processing of different screen log and file log levels
  • Driver message: 397:g_NfeFlowListSize is too big error fixed
  • Crash under a heavy load
  • Main menu disappears when a pane auto hides
  • Ordinal 381 could not be located in ProxifierShellExt.dll error fixed
  • Other improvements and optimizations
Version 4.01 Beta 1

Initial release.