Proxifier for Mac v3 Changelog

Version 3.11
  • Fixed Profile Auto Update processing of the proxy passwords updates
Version 3.9
  • Improved handling of errors of System Extension loading
  • Profile Auto Update correct processing of the proxy passwords updates
  • Fix of GSSAPI (Kerberos) problem
  • Better logging of socket errors
Version 3.8
  • The problem with abnormal CPU consumption on some systems
  • Pairing problem with some Apple devices.
Version 3.7
  • Improvements of Proxifier start-up logic and network extension initialization
  • "Use target hostname in proxy request if available" option at Proxy Server -> Advanced
  • Kerberos authentication on Big Sur and Monterey fixed
  • Improved DNS processing and caching
  • Improved logic for infinite connection and name resolution loops
  • Various minor improvements and fixes
Version 3.6
  • Improved compatibility with third party products such as VPNs, FaceTime, Sidecar and others
  • Interactive messages that help with the initial registration of Proxifier network extension
  • An option to block UDP port 443 (QUIC protocol and others)
Version 3.5
  • XPC related startup problems fixed
  • 100% CPU usage in some isolated cases fixed
  • Correct processing of temporal registration keys
Version 3.4
  • Further improvements of network extension initialization logic
Version 3.3
  • Fix for a memory leak that can happen in isolated cases
  • Network extension initialization logic improved
  • Workarounds for some known Big Sur problems
Version 3.2
  • Hostname based rules work in all scenarios
  • DNS loop prevention logic
Version 3.1
  • Automatic detection of hostname resolution loop (third party software conflict)
  • Improved DNS timeout processing
  • Fix of the persistent error in the system log regarding digital signature
Version 3.0
  • Release version
  • Log file fixed, Log->File_Log->Log_Path... menu command added
  • File->Import v2 Profile... menu command added to simplify migration from Proxifier for Mac v2
Version 3.0 Beta 6
  • Application names added to Rules, Connection List and Log
  • Connection termination logic improved
  • "Don't ask again" option in the background mode request on Proxifier close
  • Debug log mode introduced
  • UI problems in Rules fixed
  • Various minor improvements
Version 3.0 Beta 5
  • Further adaptation of NETransparentProxyProvider API
  • Direct connections may now bypass Proxifier completely
Version 3.0 Beta 4
  • NETransparentProxyProvider API adopted as per Big Sur Beta 10 Release Notes
Version 3.0 Beta 3
  • Descriptor leak fixed
  • Correct handling of the connections when Proxifier exits
Version 3.0 Beta 2
  • DNS handling fixes and improvements
  • Improved system integration
Version 3.0 Beta 1

Initial release.