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What's new in version 2.91

Improved compatibility with third-party firewall and antivirus products

The new version of Proxifier is less likely to conflict with third-party firewall and antivirus products. For instance, the new version works correctly with the latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security.

What's new in version 2.9

Support of extended network functions

Proxifier now processes some advanced network API functions that may be used by modern network applications. For example, Proxifier now can work with VmWare vSphere client.

Improved "DNS through Proxy" performance

On some Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines "DNS through Proxy" feature (when enabled) was able to cause high CPU utilization.
The new version of Proxifier DNS module fixes this problem and improves performance of DNS names processing.

Windows 7 support

This version of Proxifier was tested on Windows 7. Now the Microsoft’s new operating system is officially supported by Proxifier (Standard and Portable editions).

Version 2.8

No new features were introduced. The update addresses the following minor issues:


Version 2.7

The following improvements and fixes were introduced:

Sometimes under certain circumstances Proxifier were able to freeze. The new version is free from this defect.

Correct processing of Proxification Rules on Windows Vista when the "DNS through Proxy" is enabled .

HTTP proxy support now works properly on Windows Vista. (Options->Advanced->HTTP_Traffic)

A few improvements in the Proxifier Layered Service Provider. It resulted in improved compatibility with the third party programs.

Correct processing of the prx-files from Explorer.

System wide Proxifier Settings

Now you can specify Proxifier Settings for all users on the system at once. To do this just save Proxifier Settings into a prx-file (File->Save_Settings_As..) and place it into the:

"\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data" or its equivalent on your system.


Version 2.6

Windows Vista Support

You can now use Proxifier with Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system.

Improved "DNS through proxy" feature

This feature was noticeably improved and extended in the new version.

HTTP Traffic Processing

Now both editions of Proxifier can "intercept" HTTP traffic and redirect it through any generic HTTP proxy server. Thus the feature can be used only for the applications that use HTTP protocol (e.g. web browsers). The options are available at:

Please note: this feature is intended for advanced users only.


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