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Proxifier v2 for Mac

User Interface

The main Proxifier window looks like following:

Four main parts are Connections, Traffic, Statistics and Output.


In this window you can see a list of active connections handled by Proxifier with status. The information about each connection is divided into the following groups (columns):

You can sort the list by any of these parameters with a click on the corresponding column header.


The Traffic pane allows you to view the graphic presentation of the data on the amount of information being transferred.

The blue represents incoming traffic, and green is outgoing traffic. The horizontal black lines indicate the levels of the data transfer rate.


This pane shows various statistics on the work of Proxifier: the number of connections processed by the program (active, failed, total), the quantity of sent and received bytes, and the time Proxifier has been working. With the context menu you can reset all counters.


Here Proxifier outputs (logs) all message in real time. Each entry can contain the following information:

You can change verbosity of the output at Log->Output Level menu.
Three levels are available:

It is possible to write the output into a log-file with the Log->Log Level menu.


If you quit Proxifier when the main window is closed, it will not be opened automatically on the next start.

To reopen main window please click on Proxifier dock icon.


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