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Profile Auto Update

Proxifier can update profile automatically on start. To enable this feature, please go to File‑>Profile Auto Update... and check Update profile on start from a web server.

Here you can specify a URL that will be used for update. It should start either with http:// or https://
HTTP Redirects are supported.

Update Now button starts the update immediately. When the update is working, Stop button becomes available to stop the process.

There are two update modes available:

Keep current usernames and passwords option allows keeping login information during the update. Proxifier checks for the same proxy servers in the new profile. If the same proxy is found – login information for this proxy gets copied to the updated profile.

A typical auto update session looks like the following:
(Log‑>Output Level‑>Verbose enabled).
[12.13 15:10:29] (Profile Auto Update) - Update started.
[12.13 15:10:29] (Profile Auto Update) - New profile has been downloaded.
[12.13 15:10:29] (Profile Auto Update) - Profile Work has been successfully updated from the remote server.
[12.13 15:10:29] (Profile Auto Update) - Saving login details for proxy


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