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Services and Other Users


Run as Windows Service
Standard Edition only

You can run Proxifier as Windows Service with SrvAny tool from Microsoft. This allows you run Proxifier in the background when there is no active user logged on the system.

To configure Proxifier as a Windows Service, please do the following:

  1. Register Proxifier for All users on this computer (enable this option at registration form) with a registration key. If you do not have a key – we can provide you with a test one.
  2. Download and unpack into the working folder of Proxifier (where Proxifier.exe is located).
  3. Run InstallService.bat as administrator. This will create Proxifier service.

For the service mode, it is necessary to make sure that both options at Profiles->Advanced->Services and Other Users are enabled in Proxifier.



Please note that Proxifier Service will be running under System account by default. It means that its configuration (profile) will be empty as the profiles are individual for each user account.

You can either configure the service to run under a user account that has Proxifier configured or enable system wide global Proxifier profile. To do this, just export a profile as "Default.ppx" (File->Export Profile) and place it to: "C:\Users\All Users\Application Data\Proxifier\" or its equivalent on your system. On Windows Server, the location is "C:\ProgramData\Proxifier\Default.ppx"

From this moment, Proxifier will use this profile-file for all users on the computer.


Log File

If you need to enable log file for Proxifier Service, please create the following entries in the system registry:
LogPath (REG_SZ) =
path to the log file folder e.g. D:\Temp
LogLevelFile (REG_DWORD) = 3

This will enable Proxifier file log at "D:\Temp" when Proxifier Service is running under System account. If you run it from another account please replace "S-1-5-18" in the registry path with an appropriate user SID.


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