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Proxy Checker

The Proxy Checker tool is integrated into Proxifier but can be useful on its own. It allows you to test proxy servers to determine whether they will work with Proxifier.

With Proxy Checker, you can:

To check a proxy with Proxy Checker, click the Check button in the Proxy Settings dialog. Alternatively, run the Proxy Checker manually by using the View -> Proxy Checker menu command or Start -> Programs -> Proxifier -> Proxy Checker (Windows start menu), then specify the proxy details using the Proxy Server button.

Use the Start Testing button to begin the test.

To adjust Proxy Checker settings, click the Test Settings button.

The following options are available:

You may use and distribute Proxy Checker as a stand-alone application (ProxyChecker.exe). Proxy Checker is free for personal and noncommercial use.

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