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System Tray Icon

To add the Proxifier icon to the System Tray, use the Icon in the System Tray option in the View menu. In this mode, Proxifier will continue working even if the main window is closed. Initially, the icon can be hidden. Drag it to the tray area to make it always visible.

To maximize the main window of the program, double-click the icon with the left mouse button or select the Open Proxifier command from the context menu. To close Proxifier in this mode, use the Exit context menu command or the File -> Exit command in the menu of the main window.

With the context menu you can easily navigate and switch profiles.

By default, the Proxifier icon shows the traffic. It is a minimized copy of the Traffic pane. With the Show Traffic option of the context menu you can switch to the static icon.

You can also do the same with the Show Traffic on the Tray Icon option in the View menu of the Proxifier’s main window.

Using the Traffic Type submenu, you can set the displayed graph type.

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