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Migration from Version 3


Migrating your Proxifier configuration from version 3 is quite simple because the format of Proxifier profile files (*.ppx) has not changed. Simply load profiles created in version 3 using the File -> Import Profile command.

Below are the paths of Proxifier’s profile folder:

The setup program will automatically ask to copy the profiles from version 3 during the installation.
Alternatively, you can copy the profile files manually at any time.

Version 4 has more features and options, so it is not always possible to open a version 4 profile in version 3.

Side-by-Side Installation

Proxifier v4 and Proxifier v3 can be installed at the same time on the same system, and the vast majority of users should be able to switch easily between the versions, but this setup may cause issues in some complex scenarios. In such a case, it is recommended to have only one version installed.

License Key

Version 4 requires a new license key. If you do not have a current maintenance plan, you can upgrade to version 4 at a 50% discount.

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